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ABA Wire Mesh Machine Factory is a manufacturer of wire mesh machine, Expanded Metal Mesh Machine ,Hexagonal Wire Netting machine,Welded Wire Mesh Machine,Barbed Wire Machine ,Wire Drawing Machine,Angle Beads Machine,Rib Lath Making Machine,HY-Rib Mesh Machine,Insect Screen Wire Netting Weaving Machine,Crimped Wire Mesh Weaving Machine.Our factory is located in Hengshui, Hebei, China. It is famous for its good angle beads machine product. And was named "AAA" factory by our National Agriculture Authority.Besides these main machinery and production line, we can produce some auxiliary equipments of expanded metal production line include metal expander, Hexagonal Wire Netting machine,expanded mesh machine, wire mesh slitting machine, expanded mesh press roller, and some expanded mesh punching dies. Auxiliary equipment of welded wire mesh machine include wire straighter, wire drawing machine, and kinds of electric welding machine and different wire drawing dies. [Detailed]
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